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Telling The Story of Our Culture At Mound Bayou

There are only a few places in the United States that were founded and developed by ex-slaves or descendants of American slaves. Mound Bayou carries the reputation of being one of the oldest, African American-founded, and existing communities of such note. 

The historical location of the "Mound Bayou" community was used and continues to attract the most knowledgeable academic minds together to tell the story of who we are and the accomplishments of our ancestors. 

Mound Bayou and Delta History
Besides Mound Bayou's history, we tell the story of the accomplishments of the men and women of the surrounding areas, such as Fannie Lou Hamer, Amzie Moore, Medgar Evers, and many others, including blues musicians.


Mound Bayou has a rich history in the medical field and the museum reflects on the pioneering spirit and accomplishments that were forged here in that field. 

Slave labor, back in that day, was a very brutal hardship for those who experienced it. These men and women would do anything it took to make their tasks easier and more effective, so they became very adept at innovation and creating products and ideas. 

The museum is dedicated to investigating, uncovering, and properly crediting those inventions to the people that God had blessed with the vision and ability to create them.

The primary aim of the museum
"Reinvention" is the single, most important word to describe our attempts to provide a place for black culture in America, here in Mound Bayou. We as African Americans are a unique culture within the United States because of the nature of our existence in America. We were not afforded the luxury of continuing and developing a culture from our Motherland. Therefore, we must take the extraordinary step of “reinventing” our culture in this land.

Mound Bayou Facts

"The Museum Building is erected in one of the most historic African American communities in the country, founded by former slaves of Joe Davis, brother of Jefferson Davis, Confederate State President"

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