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About The Mound Bayou Museum

A treasure trove of history, culture, and community. Located in the heart of Mound Bayou, Mississippi, our museum is a beacon that illuminates the rich tapestry of this extraordinary town. Let's embark on a journey through our museum's story.

  • A Window into History: The Mound Bayou Museum is a living chronicle of the town's past. Step inside and be transported back in time to witness the founding of one of the first all-black towns in America, a town forged with determination and vision.

  • Celebrating Self-Determination: Our exhibits tell the story of self-determination and empowerment. Learn how Mound Bayou residents built schools, businesses, and institutions, defying the constraints of a segregated society to create a thriving community.

  • Civil Rights Significance: Mound Bayou played a pivotal role in the civil rights movement. Explore the legacies of civil rights leaders who emerged from this town, championing the cause of justice and equality on a national scale.

  • Cultural Showcase: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Mound Bayou. From art and music to traditions that have been passed down through generations, our museum celebrates the artistic and cultural contributions of this remarkable community.

  • A Place of Community: Beyond artifacts and exhibits, the Mound Bayou Museum is a gathering place. Engage with our welcoming community, participate in events, and discover firsthand the warmth and hospitality that define Mound Bayou.

  • Preservation for Posterity: By visiting our museum, you become a guardian of history. Your support helps preserve the legacy of Mound Bayou for future generations, ensuring that its stories and achievements are never forgotten.

We invite you to step into the world of Mound Bayou, to explore its past, present, and the dreams of its future. Join us on a journey that celebrates history, culture, and the enduring spirit of a remarkable community.



Our mission is a tribute to the resilient spirit of Mound Bayou and its people, and it is an invitation to all to join us in celebrating this remarkable history, culture, and community. As we preserve the past, we also illuminate the path to a more inclusive and enlightened future.



Our vision is rooted in the belief that the cultural heritage of Mound Bayou has the power to enlighten, unite, and inspire. It is a vision of a vibrant and inclusive future where the past is cherished, the present is celebrated, and the future is guided by the enduring spirit of Mound Bayou.

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We are committed to fostering a welcoming, diverse, and respectful environment while embracing sustainability and collaboration to ensure a lasting legacy for generations to come. These values form the bedrock of our mission to celebrate and share the remarkable story of Mound Bayou with the world.

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you and being of assistance. Thank you for your interest in Mound Bayou Museum!

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"The Museum Building is erected in one of the most historic African American communities in the country, founded by former slaves of Joe Davis, brother of Jefferson Davis, Confederate State President"

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