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Set Props from the ABC TV MiniDrama Series
Women of the Movement

MiniDrama Series based on the true story of Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley


Tables and chairs used in the scene where Emmett Till is playing checkers with his friends.


Replica of the ring found on Emmett Till's body which his father had given to him.

Dozens of Furniture and Set Props from the Episode Was Loaned to the Museum

EmmitTill was hanged by this

Replica of a cotton gin fan used to weigh down Emmett Till's body to the bottom of the river.

The Emmett Till story is highlighted in this exhibit along with many more set props from the MiniDrama Series!

A dress worn by the actress playing Mamie Till-Bradley, the mother of Emmett Till.

Howard and Mamie color potrait.jpg

Howard in 1955 holding the arm of the mother of murdered youth Emmett Till. Also pictured, Rep. Charles Diggs and witness Amanda Bradley. BETTMAN/CORBIS

Women of the Movement Movie Trailer about Emmett Till

Mound Bayou Facts

Mound Bayou...was the only town that provided protection for the witnesses, a home base for the black press, and a refuge for Emmett Till’s mother Mamie Till-Bradley. Without Mound Bayou, we might still not know what happened to Emmett Till.

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