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Producer, Barbara Broccoli expressed, "At a time when the history of our country is being erased, it is vitally important that we tell the story of Emmett Till and the heroism of Mrs Till-Mobley..."

Filmmaker, Keith Beauchamp, known for his relentless pursuit of truth, remarked, "Through the evocative canvases of history and art, the Till costume exhibition not only preserves the memory of one of the most egregious injustices committed on American soil but also shines a spotlight on the historic town of Mound Bayou.

Mound Bayou Facts

Mound Bayou...was the only town that provided protection for the witnesses, a home base for the black press, and a refuge for Emmett Till’s mother Mamie Till-Bradley. Without Mound Bayou, we might still not know what happened to Emmett Till.

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